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tv   [untitled]    April 16, 2013 2:25pm-2:55pm PDT

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strip out the surveillance condition and i thank the committee for doing that. unfortunately, we've seen inclusion of this condition of a required surveillance, continual monitoring of the surveillance and making the surveillance available to the police on request with no warrant for a 30-day period. i think it's been applied in an overbroadway. it's one thing to apply it to an establishment with a problem history. but we've seen the condition go well beyond that type of establishment. but with all that said, i do support this liquor license and [speaker not understood] the inclusion of that condition, i will be supporting it. >> colleagues, can we take this item same house same call? without objection, this resolution is adopted. [gavel] >> item 30. >> item 30 is a motion appointing supervisor eric mar term ending june 20, 2013 to
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the association of bay area executive government board. >> colleagues, can we have a motion to excuse supervisor mar? motion by -- can we have a motion to excuse supervisor mar? motion by supervisor farrell, seconded by supervisor cohen. without objection he shall be excused. roll call vote on the motion. >> supervisor avalos? avalos aye. supervisor breed. breed aye. supervisor campos. campos aye. supervisor chiu. chiu aye. supervisor cohen. cohen aye. supervisor farrell. farrell aye. supervisor kim? kim aye. supervisor tang? tang aye. supervisor wiener? wiener aye. supervisor yee? yee aye. there are 10 aye. >> the motion is approved. [gavel] >> and we'stion, it's right before 2:30. i wanted to see if supervisors avalos and yee have special commend asianvs. i was wondering if your folks were here or if we should go to roll call. supervisor avalos? yours is here?
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why don't we, colleagues, if we can, without objection, move into our 2:30 special order so we can start acknowledging the folk that our colleagues would like to commend today. like to start with supervisor avalos. >> great, thank you, president chiu. would like to call up [speaker not understood] to our podium. so, this is national library week and i'm a big library fan. my family spends a lot of time at the library and i want to honor a special person who works at the oceanview branch library in district 11. and i'll start off in general, i'm very happy to join libraries in schools, campuses, communities, nationwide in celebrating national library week, a time to highlight the value of libraries librarians and librarian workers. libraries today are more than repositories for books and other resources.
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they are often the heart of their communities, campuses, or schools. libraries are deeply committed to the places where their patrons live, work, and study. libraries are trusted places where everyone in the community can gather to reconnect, reengage with each other, to enrich and shape the community and address local issues. librarians work with elected officials, small business owners, [speaker not understood] and the public at large to discover what their community needs are and meet them. whether through offering e-books and technology classes, materials, language learner programs for job seekers, or those to support urban literacy, librarians, [speaker not understood] to the community they serve, and they respond. [speaker not understood] is one of the most trusted resources in our community and let's give a little bioabout lisa braid en. she has worn a lot of different shoes since she decided to become a ballerina at the age
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of 5. after 12 years of professional training, she switched from [speaker not understood] shoes to birkenstocks and went on to stanford university. after graduating with a degree in communications, she became a documentary film maker. she drew on her past to make an award winning pbs documentary [speaker not understood] about students vying for a spot with the san francisco ballet. flash forward to 2006, lisa graduates from san jose state's library school and discovers that times have changed. sensible pumps are no longer the [speaker not understood] for public libraryianses. they need to get out from behind the reference desk, lace up running shoes, and get out into the community. and that's exactly what lease did when she started working in the omi. as an oceanview branch manager
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of the san francisco public library, lease took a position conducting in-depth research of the oceanview neighborhood to discover how best to serve this diverse community's needs. in reaching out to the community she learned that seniors needed a place to learn computer skills and so she developed and led weekly basic computer classes for seniors and she also did this with teens by creating a regular gaming program that appealed to young people. she helped expand the oceanview branch's current collection of culturally relevant books and other materials that focus on the african-american and chinese patronage and beyond this she partnered with a local food pantry that serves chinese mono lingual toddlers and grandparents caregivers to conduct weekly story times. this is the type of proactive and caring leadership that brings diverse communities together and allows everyone to thrive and grow and we are honored to take this time today to honor her exemplary work in leadership in our city and for
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our public libraries. thank you, lease braid en. >> thank you so much. this is quite a change of pace for me and -- >> pull that mic -- >> is that better? i was saying that i'm generally much more comfortable addressing toddlers in story time. i want to thank you, supervisor avalos, and san francisco city supervisors, for this truly wonderful honor. i can't tell you how gratified i am at so many levels. as manager in children's librarian of the oceanview branch library, i work in the neighborhood that is largely invisible to the rest of the city. the oceanview neighborhood has a long history of being overlooked and under served. even going back to the 19th century, the community fought hard for just basic services and that struggle continue to this day.
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this is deeply engrained with optimism in the oceanview neighborhood, and that's the spirit that inspired me when i first arrived there two years ago. statistically, the oceanview branch library doesn't compare very well with other branches in the system. it's a very small library and it consistently lands at the bottom of the list when branch circulation statistics are published each month. but statistics don't tell the story of the oceanview branch library. books may not be checked out in the same numbers as at other branches, but the way the community uses the library is truly profound. a large proportion of the patrons who come into the library are dealing with very serious life issues. many are fighting to keep their homes when they can no longer
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afford the mortgages. many are seeking section 8 housing information. when doing food stamp certification or applying for jobs. ~ renewing adding to their problems, many of these residents don't have much in the way of computer skills. it quickly became clear to me that to properly serve this community, i did have to get out from behind the reference desk. so, i did start teaching computer classes at the branch and my staff and i spend a lot of time at the computer branches -- at the branch computers helping patrons with complicated online applications. i also saw the need to increase the capacity of the branch, and i did so by developing partnerships with neighborhood service organizations. thanks to these collaborations, i have been able to take the library out to the community.
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i certainly do not work alone making the oceanview branch a vital part of the community. working side by side with me is a terrific staff who care deeply about the patrons who come into the branch. take a trip to the branch and the first thing you might notice is that every patron who comes in is greeted by name. my staff makes the branch a truly cozy and truly welcoming place to come and the community truly appreciates that. i would like to give special credit to the san francisco public library administration and most especially our city librarian louise herrera for the encouragement to think and act outside the box as librarians. mr. herrera initiated the gnpo leadership program standing for generation public library as we
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move forward into the 21st century. much of the knowledge i gained about the oceanview community comes through my participation on the oceanview gnpo team that spent a year conducting extensive research into the nature of the community. ~ luis and i would like to take this opportunity to especially thank my teammates on that team for their long hours dedicated to learning about the neighborhood in a way that i could never have done alone. they came up with many innovative ideas for how the branch can best serve the community. and although i've been singled out for recognition here today, which i again am truly grateful for, i represent just one instance of the amazing work and dedication of all the staff of the san francisco public library. the theme of this year's national library week is communities matter at the
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library and nowhere is that more true than in san francisco. thank you very much. (applause) >> [speaker not understood] the last thing to say is, you know, we actually have a lot [speaker not understood]. we know the libraries are very meaningful for people here in san francisco. we've actually approved the library preservation fund which actually puts san francisco in a place where, unlike many cities around the country where libraries aren't doing so well. and, so, we know that your work is actually above and beyond the call of duty. your work is reaching out to the community of oceanview, the community to learn what the needs were. your presentation to the whole library staff last year was really remarkable. i just want to say thank you for that great work. i think it's a great model for how libraries need to be serving all of our neighborhoods in san francisco and be real fulcrums for community development. so, thank you so much.
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[speaker not understood]. >> thank you. (applause) >> i also want to take a moment and recognize supervisor kim. >> so, i just wanted to really thank lisa for her words and the stories that she shared about our libraries. i think when we recognize library week, it's great to hear the stories about how our librarieses are public spaces that do serve our communities and neighborhoods. and i was really, really moved by what you spoke about today. and i wasn't planning on saying anything, but i just thought that the experience that you were able to share with the public in terms of what that library has meant for that neighborhood and also how a library can be more than what
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you typically think it could be is incredibly moving. and i just want to thank you and the staff that you work with are able to serve the city in that capacity. when i served on the school board, i had the privilege of visiting our different libraries throughout our school district and i learned so much about how libraries are more than just a place to borrow books and to read, but they really can be an exciting space that can be really innovative and really relevant in a different way to young kid in this time. so, i just want to appreciate the work you do as a librarian. so, thank you. >> thank you, supervisor kim. our next commendation will be offered by supervisor yee. and i just want to take a moment to join him in thanking him for the folks that he is about to honor. i think it's very appropriate that we have a former child care provider on our ranks with supervisor yee and i want to thank him for the next recognition. (applause) >> thank you.
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this is really an honor for me to be able to do this today. the week of the young child that just started sunday is celebrated by cities throughout the united states. and could i have the people that are going to be recognized, representatives -- all the representatives come up. evidence clearly shows that early years of the child's life are the learning years. early childhood education gives children a jump start on education for their kindergarten and elementary school years. according to many studies in recent years, the children who attend preschool do better in math and reading skills than children who do not attend. a child who attends an early education program also has increased cognitive skills at the beginning of the kindergarten. a study from the massachusetts
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institution of technology says that early education baits boosts the economy by providing jobs to nearly 3 million people nationwide. ~ those people then spend their wages and pay taxes. by increasing the time, income, and resources for parents and caregivers of young children, we are building a solid foundation for lifelong development. children who attend early education programs have the benefit of relating to other students which can increase their social skills. children who have experience early childhood education are more socially competent in their preschool, kindergarten and school age years. in san francisco we still need over 15,000 slots for infants
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and preschool combined. there are approximately 36,785 children under the age of 13 and families with income levels eligible for child care subsidies. though children represent 42% of the city's child population. the need is great and it's unfulfilled right now. teachers and caregivers who provide our children with lifelong skills are invaluable to our society and we need to value and recognize their tremendous worth. today there are over 2000 early education and care providers in san francisco serving our young children in licensed facilities whether center based or child care based. in short, early education is vital to our children and i am proud to honor these three organizations that have worked tirelessly to have society
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recognize individuals who care and educate our youngest children. they are not only organizing the walk around the block of city hall event this friday -- you want to see a bunch of cute kids, you should come to that -- but also hosting the 15th -- this is not the first, but the 15th annual early care and education providers recognition reception this sunday for about 400 of our workers. the three organizations are san francisco child care provider -- sorry, san francisco child care planning and advisory council, family child care association, and the san francisco child care providers association. today i would like to honor these three organizations for all their work that they've done for decades now. and i'm really proud that i've been associated with these
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organizations for the same amount of time, decades. so, if you'd like to say a few words, please. (applause) >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is candice wong, chair of the advisory council. we are the state mandated body appointed by you and the board of education to advise -- plan and advise on behalf of early care and education in the city. and we are proud to serve you in that capacity. we're only able to do that work because of your support and that of the board of education. i feel like norman covered is all in terms of his eloquence. i won't say how many years, norman. we appreciate the fact that we have a child care champion added to this board in addition to the supervisors who have been supportive of early care and education for many years. i want to on behalf of our
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members thank all of you supervisors who appoint our members. we're only able to do that work because of your support. i specifically want to thank board president david chiu, who is maya pointed supervisor to this body. ~ thank you for your support over the years. obviously we have still a lot of work to do. we need to continue to support child care subsidies in order to serve the 5,000 kids on eligibility lists waiting for services. we need to support our work force to get 50 cents on the dollar to pay public school teachers. we need to support our child care facilities because we only have capacity for 45% of the total capacity of working families with young children in the city. and i think in addition the other thing that we need to do is support our child care small businesses. i think oftentimes they're overseen in the city as small businesses and they are. they struggle every day to keep their doors open to continue to provide the services for our families in the city. and i want to ask that during
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the week of the child, i'll come out to the walk around which is outside. we have set over 300 kids and families to come. we would love if you all were to join us. we also want to make sure that during this week of the young child, we ask that everyone think about what you can do to impact the life of a child, not just during this week, but beyond. and one of the things my organization, the low-income investment fund is committed to doing during the week of the young child is we are launching a new fund called the kids are a business fund. we are investing $500,000 in capital in their interest loans to support the improvement and growth of our child care small business in the city and that's our commitment. and i welcome all of you to do the same. thanks. (applause) >> this special honor and recognition from the board of supervisors is very much appreciated by those of us who
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neither see nor are seen by many adults in the work force. and we just love getting a little bit of grown up attention once in a while. so, thank you, supervisor yee, for making us visible today and for your long-time support. and as also mentioned, supervisor avalos who has been our go-to supervisor for the needs of children, family, providers need to be raised. my name is elaine brother ton, and i am here representing the family child care providers in san francisco with a few others. we live and work every day in city neighborhoods caring for and teaching the youngest of young through the after school age while their parents are at work. i wish all family care providers could be with us here today to be honored with this important recognition. family child care is our work. it's our business and our passion. we give it our all. children need to be -- children need us to be at our best and
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the parents who go to work need us to be at our best, as does our city. we are at our best when we know our city supports us on all levels. thank you for your attention. (applause) >> hello, i'm gretchen ames [speaker not understood] and several of our esteemed advisory board members are here. thank you very much for recognizing and honoring the work that we do, but more importantly the work that the people who care for children do. i think we also really want to recognize the board of supervisors has helped backfill a lot 6 cuts from the state which we very much appreciated. ~ of if you hadn't contributed city dollars to make up for the cuts, a lot more child care centers would be closing right now and we very much appreciate that. but i also want to keep it in the lens that even without the cuts we are a significantly
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undercut field. as nor nan talked about [speaker not understood] first five years of the development of a young child, parents need to work. they need to know their children are in a high care quality environment. and people who take care of children for a living every day are very often not recognized especially in terms of compensation. the median income in the country for child care teachers is $11.14. san francisco i think might be a little bit higher but not by a lot. people who take care of their own children can't afford to take care of their families. i want to thank you for this honor. we look forward to working with you the next few years. our organization is really interested in helping make early childhood become a sustainable place to work, a highly professional, highly competitive work force where people can afford to care for their own families and we look forward to working with you all on that journey. thank you. (applause)
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>> thank you, supervisor yee, and thank you to the san francisco child care providers association and the family child care association of san francisco. colleague, we do have one more special commendation, but it will be offered at 3:30 jointly by supervisors farrell and breed.
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so, with that, madam clerk, why don't we go to roll call for introductions. >> supervisor avalos, you're first for introductions. >> thank you, madam clerk. just having an announcement of our [speaker not understood], home under the dome happening this coming thursday at 5:30. usually in the north light court, so, i expect it will be happening there. this is an event that's actually sponsored by the mayor and the board of supervisors, the san francisco public library , [speaker not understood] bookstore in supervisor wiener's district, brain wash cafe, [speaker not understood] studio design. the law offices of [speaker not understood], [speaker not understood] radio, studio 17 artists and the teaching writer. this is a great event, colleagues. i just would recommend coming down. [speaker not understood] a portion of t. if you have a poem to read, it will be a great way to share with the community. and that's just what i have
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today. i have a poem in a can that i want to share in honor of poems in the dome event. as you know, our poet laureate suggested that we actually have poetry here in the board chamber. i tried to work on that theme with a haiku for question time with the mayor, but now this is my term to actually open the can [speaker not understood] to read a poem. this is actually -- this can comes from frank and art mart which is actually an inner richmond institution. the practice conceptual themed art and i just love this idea. i want to promote spam. this poem is called numb and it's by jonathan greenal. the people stood quiet [speaker not understood], forging ideas, subjective. they needed worthless. they questioned the points, methods, mean and motive, the why's and wherefores. they deemed what seemed to be
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obvious, the elusive truth that had been there all along. [speaker not understood] no longer would they feel, numb. the most beautiful of words rolled off the tongue like rain off a roof, easily fed, easily felt, nothing at all, but numb. they moved once more, the cold night biting them. the wind bounced like weather off them. not once did it stir inside, not onces was the persian pierced by a smile nor a tear. they heard their hearts beat but did not feel the blood pump. they did not feel it push it to their organs or their brainses, instead it sat there and kept beat like a conductor without a seat. so easy, so easy not to cry nor moan, not to grieve or groan, not to smile or laugh. live life by halfs, half conscious. think did not see when it eroded their souls and brought to their knees, too numb to
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feel drag on the ground. they were not there any more. you could see body, but a body is all it is, numb. so easy to say, such a cost to pay. so, that was brought to you by jonathan greenal and [speaker not understood] will be at our event. poet laureate will be at poems in the dome. and i hope colleagues and the general public can show up. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor avalos. supervisor breed. (applause) >> thank you. i have just two things today. today supervisor mar and i are introducing a resolution to add new bike rental locations on rec and park department property. this legislation will strengthen the city's transit first policy by increasing the sensible to alternative modes of transportation. the bike vendor park ride has been a trusted proven company operate intion city parks for the past couple of years. they're existing in very popular locations or downtown, in the marina and in golden
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gate park. providing customers the unique hop on, hop off ability to pick up a bike at one location and drop it off at another. i am excited to be a co-sponsor to these new bike locations at the east entrance of golden gate park located at alvers lake and at a small portion of the ocean beach parking lot which will connect the existing locations. the added locations will make it even more attractive for visitors and residents to travel by bike in san francisco. they will provide a valuable public amenity in our parks and they will activate the space as they serve. district 5's all bert lake in particular is a site which has been troubled with ongoing safety issues for years. ~ i have been working with the recreation and parks department, the san francisco police department and community based organizations which provide social services to provide more responsible solutions which


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